Wormwood Profile Picture

Wormwood is a black raven owned by Sofia the First (character).

He was born on October 3, 2001.

And Wormwood belongs to Cedric.

And he lives lots of Sofia the First (character)'s other pets that are named as Robin,Mia,Whatnaught,Clover,Whiskers,Ginger,Hexie,Rex,Lulu,Director Dove,Boo,Baby Griffin,Winter,Crackle,Minimus,Electra,Farley,Freedo, and Jade Jaguar.

And Wormwood is also a cameo that Koda and Kenai saw it sitting in a branch in the beginning of the movie,Then Kenai said, Hey! Where did everybody go? Koda and Kenai saw Wormwood sitting in a branch on a tree But then Kenai said to Koda,Koda you get back in the house you right now! Then Koda zooms fast and hides fast in a tree then Kenai gasps and Wormwood flies super fast and screeches loudly at Kenai, And Kenai said No! Then Kenai tries to destroy Wormwood but he can't, His Scratching,Screeching,Biting,Smashing,Whacking, and Kicking wouldn't work. And Wormwood's foot whacks Kenai And Kenai fell off of a cliff and hurts his back on the ground and Wormwood's screech echoes and the background turns black in Disney's Brother Bear.

And Wormwood is owned by Merida in 2012 film Disney/Pixar's Brave.