Whatnaught is a brown squirrel owned by Sofia the First (character),He dosen't speak on the Goanimate Series, he only chatters.

He was born on January 6, 2001.

And he lives with lots of Sofia the First (character)'s other pets that are named as Robin,Mia,Clover,Wormwood,Whiskers,Ginger,Hexie,Rex,Lulu,Director Dove,Boo,Baby Griffin,Winter,Crackle,Minimus,Electra,Farley,Freedo, and Jade Jaguar.

And Whatnaught is also a cameo that Robin and Mia woke the squirrel up in a tree at night while Koda goes away with Kenai and Whatnaught joins with Clover,Mrs. Brisby,Robin,Mia,Nemo,Koda, and Kenai in Disney's Brother Bear.

And Whatnaught protected Sofia the First (character) and his five other pets named Robin,Mia,Clover,Crackle, and Minimus from that nasty Syndrome.

Whatnaught is the third Sofia the First (character)'s pet.

And Whatnaught is also a cameo that Merida saw it in a tree in the 2012 film Disney/Pixar's Brave.