Robin is a red bird owned by Sofia the First (character).

She was born on September 2, 2000.

And she lives with lots of Sofia the First (character)'s other pets that are named as Mia,Whatnaught,Clover,Wormwood,Whiskers,Ginger,Hexie,Rex,Lulu,Director Dove,Boo,Baby Griffin,Winter,Crackle,Minimus,Electra,Farley,Freedo, and Jade Jaguar.

And Robin is also a cameo that Koda and Kenai saw it with Mia in the end of the movie, Then Robin followed Mia to find and search to wake up the animals at night while Koda goes away with Kenai in the end of Disney's Brother Bear.

And Robin protected Sofia the First (character) and his five other pets named Mia,Whatnaught,Clover,Crackle, and Minimus from that nasty Syndrome.

Robin is the first Sofia the First (character)'s pet.

And Robin also lives with his blue bird named Mia.

And she turns her female voice into a male scary voice.