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Chipmunks are the twin chipmunks from the 2003 film Disney's Brother Bear.

They're born on May 6, 2000.

And then Robin and Mia woke the chipmunks up in a leaf at night and the two chipmunks run and join Clover and Whatnaught while Koda goes away with Kenai and the Chipmunks join with Bering the Raccoon,Whiskers,Whatnaught,Clover,Mrs. Brisby,Robin,Mia,Nemo,Koda and Kenai in Disney's Brother Bear.

And the Chipmunks also live with his forest animal friends that are named as Rutt and Tuke,Anda and Kata,The Rams,Tug,Foreign Croatian Bear,Old Lady Bear,Male Lover Bear,Female Lover Bear,Hoonah,Bering the Raccoon,Baby Raccoon,Luce,Kokomo,Sitka, and Denahi.